When you buy a new car, you might notice a "greenhouse gas rating" on the sticker.

The new stickers will for the first time include a greenhouse gas rating, comparing a vehicle’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases with those of all other vehicles, as well as a smog rating based on emissions of other air pollutants like nitrogen oxide and particulates. (New York Times).

The sticker rates the vehicle with a score of 1 - 10. The claim is that the closer the vehicle is to a 10 the better it is for the environment and our fight against "climate change."

But Ned, a typical Wyoming pickup truck driver, found himself embarrassed in front of his friends when they pointed out that his truck had a score of 7.

"Everybody else is driving down the highway rolling coal. But my tailpipe is barley registering any CO2."

Have you seen this rating on a new car sticker?

Does it matter to you?

Skip to 1:13 in the video below to learn about this item on the sale sticker.

Ned needed to make a change to win his reputation back.

He wanted to do something bold, and radical.

Something that would SHOCK his friends. 

So he went out and bought an all-electric truck.

His friends laughed at him, pointing out that his new truck had a greenhouse gas emission rating of 10. Meaning - PERFECT!

But Ned pointed out the emissions needed to make his truck were far greater than the emissions to build an older style internal composition engine.

Then he pointed to the size of his tailpipe.

"You guys have a little tailpipe at the back of your trucks, said Ned. But my tailpipe is that big stack at the power plant up the road.

Yes, that's right, I'm driving a coal-powered pickup. TOP THAT!"

Actually, none of this matters because CO2 is good for the planet.

Patrick Moore is featured in the video below.

He is the co-founder of Green Peace.

He explains why CO2 is NOT a pollutant and how it is good for the planet.

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