Wyoming Game and Fish has launched a new campaign to help inspire kids to get outside and enjoy all our wonderful state has to offer.

Explore all that Wyoming has to offer — from fishing and camping in the summer to sage grouse leks in the spring and ice fishing in the winter. There's no excuse to stay inside any time of year.

I couldn't agree more! As a mom with five children, I love all the great outdoor activities available to us. Hunting, camping, fishing, hiking and snowshoeing are a few of our favorite things.

Thankfully, my husband is a fourth-generation Wyomingite so he knows all the places to go and how to do pretty much anything and everything.

But, that's not how it is for everyone, and that's why Wyoming's Game and Fish Department has created this awesome page on their site.

In this article from SweetwaterNow.com Game and Fish Education Coordinator Ashley Leonard explained the purpose behind this new campaign.

The website is a tool to help families realize the incredible Wyoming outdoor resources. We want to give families easy plans for getting outside more often while maybe learning a new skill or discovering a different way to have fun in a familiar outdoor space.

Not only does this site have frequent updates of kid and family-friendly events across the state of Wyoming, but it also has a critter spotlight, how-to videosWild Times Kids Magazine, and even wild game recipes.

You better believe I'll be stopping by this site frequently to help us plan some fun family activities over the next few months.

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