"It used to be much harder to hunt tourists," Milo Lipinbopper of Lingle, Wyoming told us.

"Way back when," he went on, "city folk were not so disconnected from the country as they are today. They were actually in great shape too. Hunt'n them was real sport."

"Today, tourists tend to be really out of shape. They just can't run. Plus they ain't paying attention to their surroundings. Their always looking at their blasted cell phone. So it's nothing just to walk right up to them and -- WACK!"

What Milo is saying is all true. Yet at the same time, the tourist population in Wyoming has gotten way out of hand. It needs to be brought down for its own good.


This year the state of Wyoming is issuing more tourist tags than ever before.

Not just to the Wyoming hunter but to the wildlife as well.

Yes, that's correct, even cougars and bears can apply for tourist tags for this 2022 tourist season.

"You can't bait tourists," Milo explained. "That's illegal. But you're allowed to use calls just like a turkey mating call."

Milo leaned back and let out a yell to demonstrate the call.



I asked Milo if there was any prize kill that he hoped for more than any other.

"OH HECK YEAH! I have a few bucket list tags I'd like to bring home. You would think that activists would be all up in arms when I say something like that but these jerks are so annoying, I'm often THANKED!.

"Them tourist do  taste different depending on what you bag. California tourist eat vegan. That taste funny. New York Tourist taste like burgers. Philly taste like cheese stake. Chicago tourist taste like pizza."

Here is a list of tourists that Milo would like to bring home this season.

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