When you think of small nuclear reactors, what comes to mind?

Can you picture what many small powerplants might look like?

Picture a small cube that provides a lot of power, with little maintenance.

The city of Gillette is considering the idea along with a company that, perhaps, could build nuclear microreactors in their area.

These microreactors would operate in Gillette while providing energy for residents and businesses.

This week the Gillette City Council approved a cooperation agreement with BWX Technologies, on the scope of the work.

It's estimated to take three years to complete.

The parties will study if local businesses can be part of the supply chain for these microreactors. Perhaps city offices could be powered by these reactors.

BWX Technologies, Inc.’s (BWXT) Lynchburg, Virginia facility, home of the world’s first commercial Critical Experiment Laboratory, has been in operation for more than 60 years. (BWXT Website).

The two-phase contract is to evaluate the viability of small-scale nuclear reactors.

The city has agreed that they are interested in evaluating nuclear energy as a source of heat and electricity for residents and businesses. The company believes it can deliver.

BWXT’s existing TRISO fuel production line, along with our ongoing increases in capacity, allow us to meet emergent client interests in Department of Defense microreactors, space reactors, and civil advanced reactors. By co-locating the TRISO production line with other existing uranium processing capabilities, BWXT has built a vertically-integrated facility capable of handling all TRISO-related needs, from feedstock preparation through to uranium recovery and purification. (BWXT Website).

These reactors would have a very small footprint on the land yet provide a long of reliable energy.

Campbell County has enough uranium to supply these reactors if local fuel is desired.

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