Just in time for Labor Day, a new study claims Wyoming is one of the hardest-working states in the country.

The Cowboy State ranked seventh overall, third for the longest average workweek, 13th for the highest percentage of workers with more than one job, and 24th for the average number of volunteer hours per capita. Although Wyoming works hard, we also play hard. The study ranked Wyoming 12th for the most leisure time spent per day.

North Dakota is the hardest working state according to the study followed by Alaska, South Dakota, Texas, and Nebraska. Around the region, Colorado ranked just behind Wyoming in eighth place nationwide. Utah finished in 18th place with Idaho (25th) and Montana (28th) close behind.

West Virginia ranked last in the study with the highest average amount of daily leisure time, the largest percentage of idle youth and teenagers without a job, and the second-highest unemployment rate. Rhode Island, New Mexico, Michigan, and Ohio rounded out the five worst states nationwide.

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