The past couple of weeks has at least kept temperatures down and offered some passing showers. While the rain has not come anywhere close to putting the smallest dent in the drought it has at least held the fire danger back a little. As you can see on the map at this link, there are only a few small fires out there, at this time.

There is no place in Wyoming that is not in drought conditions. It is just a matter of how bad. The worst areas, according to this map, are in Campbell and Crook counties.

Most other parts of Wyoming are considered in "severe drought" to "moderate."

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We will have a warm spike in the middle of this week, but then- thankfully- temperatures drop back down again and some clouds move in. That will hold back the fire danger across most of the state for a while longer.

According to Don Day of Day Weather, these drought conditions will continue until 2022. Then we might see some relief. Cheyenne-based meteorologist Don Day Jr. explains that this is a natural back and forth cycle and, currently, we are in the dry cycle. This summer will remain dry until the pacific El Niño and La Niña flips.

Wyoming goes through periods of wet years and dry according to the La Nina and El Nino effects. One gives us rain one plunges the state into a drought. Currently, the state is in the drought effect. But it is not currently as bad as it has been during other drought seasons.

The central and eastern planes of Wyoming are hurting. Those grasslands need a good soaking.

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