Believe it or not, you can look at a daily weather forecast for Mars.

Not sure why you would need to know that information, but there it is.

This past weekend Wyoming was colder than Mars.

Many of you living here in the Cowboy state probably don't find that too surprising.

Temperatures this weekend, in Wyoming, dropped to -40F in some places.

During that same time, the daytime temperature on Mars was -30F.

If you're thinking,

Well HECK, I'll just move to MARS!

Yeah, it gets cold, but there's no snow and ice.

It gets windy on Mars, but the atmosphere is so thin it really doesn't feel like much, despite how they portray it in Hollywood movies.

Wyoming Flag on Mars

For those who like living in Wyoming because there aren't many people here, well, you'll love Mars.

Unfortunately, the planet Mars is populated by robots that we sent there and abandoned. I'm sure those robots are not too happy with us. That means they'll probably evolve to become killer robots who seek revenge on all humans.

But is Earth any less dangerous?

The more I think about this the more I might just move to Mars if the opportunity arises.

Besides, a lot of Wyoming looks just like Mars, so, what's the difference really.

Taxes are lower on Mars than in Wyoming Because Mars doesn't have taxes.

The more I think about this the better Mars is sounding.

If you do decide to relocate to Mars and you're the only one there then you can actually say that you rule a planet.

If you have to go with other people, well, you'll have to work something out.

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