Were you planning on taking your RV or camper out this weekend?

CAUTION: Thursday may not be the day to do it.

Here we go again.

Spring in Wyoming and every time the temperature changes we get high winds.

The good news is that your Memorial Day weekend will be breezy, but not as bad as this Thursday, May 23rd.

Most of the winds on this Thursday will rake the usual areas, on the eastern side of the state.

This means WYDOT has issued warnings for high-profile and light vehicles.

Expect to see campers and truckers who did not heed the warnings in the ditches.

attachment-Wyodot blowover wind

You might notice that these wind warnings are in the usual areas for this time of year.

These are the parts of Wyoming where the pressure of the winds has to squeeze through mountain passes.

That means their speed increases even more.

It's like putting your thumb over the garden hose when you have it at full.

That pressure has to go somewhere.

attachment-Dayweather wind alert

If you were planning on camping this Memorial Day weekend and are driving an RV or pulling a camper you might want to wait until Friday.

Friday's winds are nowhere near as bad as Thursday's.

A light breeze, by comparison.

Most of Memorial Weekend looks like but there is still a big question mark about Sunday.

Regional weatherman Don Day's forecast is in the video below.

Friday is not bad.

Saturday looks really nice.

Sunday is questionable.

Monday looks cool and WONDERFUL!

So if Sunday craps out on us at least we had Saturday and Monday. That's not bad.

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