Saturday was cold, windy and snowy. But slowly it improved and by the end of the day the wind and snow had stopped and the sun was out.

This is how mother nature tries to sucker us in.

Sunday morning was wonderful. A bit on the cool side, but not cold. The sun came out and melted the frost. Little puffy clouds floated above.

It's spring in Wyoming. I bet you think it's safe to go outside.

Our news director in Cheyenne wrote an article this weekend titled "The Winter Empire Strikes Back Monday, Tuesday." He's not even a Star Wars fan and he thought to use that reference...

If you have not been watching the forecast you would probably think so. But most folks in Wyoming know it is nice enough to go out, but stay close to home at the same time.

Mother Nature is like Lucy pulling the football away form Charlie Brown at the last moment. Or like your "friend" who says you have a stain on your shirt, points to it, you look only to have that finger rise up and flip your nose when you look down.

Sunday was nice. Monday is a mess.

That is not to say that Wyomingites don't go outside at all. They just know not to wonder too far. That sucker punch is always right around the corner.

Is that only a 10% chance of snow, or a 90% chance of being lied to about the forecast?

Usually spring and summer in Wyoming happens when people have had enough and just go outside anyway. At some point we just can't stand being cooped up anymore. Might as well take our chances. I'm not sure when that day is. but it's not far off.

Wyoming Spring Fever

Enough of Winter. We want to see some spring.

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