This story is SATIRE. You have been warned. So don't come back at us complaining that it isn't true.

Wyoming's mule dear population was hard hit by the drought of a couple of years ago, and again by last winter's heavy snowfall.

Those herds need to repopulate.

But the state's booming coyote population is hungry and mule dear fawns are easy targets.

With too many coyotes and not enough mule deer the state has decided to take action.

At first, there was a plan by Wyoming game and fish to fly over the state and gun down coyotes by helicopter.  The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has approved $200,000 for this project.

But this would upset animal rights activists.

Instead, they plan to fly over Wyoming dropping bags full of ACME Gift cards to the Coyotes.

Any Coyote who picks it up and uses it is fully responsible for what happens next, and we all know how this ends.

Above is Part 1, of a compilation of virtually every single Acme product used by Wile E. Coyote in his attempts to catch the Road Runner.

Some animal rights activists might call this "enabling."

But your typical Coyote considers himself to be a "GENIUS."

That's debatable, but ask any coyote and they will tell you it's true.

They have HUGE egos.

So, why not use that against them?

attachment-Coyote Youtube

State legislators are about the begin a budget session in the Wyoming House and Senate.

As always they will be trying to find ways to save money.

Some have argued that giving gift cards to Coyotes will be far more expensive than just shooting them.

The cost of a bullet compared to the cost of a gift card.

But the idea of flying over and shooting them means the cost of a helicopter, fuel, the pilot, insurance, the cost of the shooter, and how many bullets he has to shoot before he kills just one.

Maybe a gift card is cheaper after all.

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