Wyoming's Governor Mark Gordon announced a new website back in early June which would provide Wyoming with detailed information on drought conditions in the state.

Drought.Wyo.Gov is a collaboration of multiple state and federal agencies that monitor drought conditions. Areas impacted and how they are impacted are among the important information included.

Information for agriculture, tourism, recreation, municipalities, and water utilities is included. There is also help on the site through federal and state resources and assistance.

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You'll be able to find information on wildfire conditions and restrictions plus links to the United States Department of Agriculture. Maps are included with drought disaster designations for Wyoming. The website even includes detailed information on soil moisture.

There are detailed maps from the past up until today so people can view trends.

There are links to interactive maps and other Wyoming websites for every outdoor need and desire, no matter if it is camping, hunting, farming, ranching, or just watering the lawn.

If you are interested in a region, county, or town, you can follow some easy-to-navigate links to find the area you wish to investigate.

“Our goal in developing this resource is to make relevant and timely information available in a single location,” Gordon said. “This effort capitalizes on the collaborative partnerships already in place between state and federal agencies and allows us to better communicate program resources.”

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