Once again another website, desperate to find content, writes a story about Wyoming and totally misses the mark.

The headline, from House Beautiful, claims to lead the reader to The Most Unusual Buildings In Every State Across America. Knowing that the author of the article, and his editor, were likely in a rush to put out content and have probably never been to Wyoming I clicked to see what they had chosen.

Here is what they claim as The Most Unusual Building in Wyoming:

attachment-Old Town Trail Cody Photo by Glenn Woods

These buildings are on display in Cody, Wyoming. It's called The Old Town Trail. But how is this "the most unusual" in Wyoming? 

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As usual those in the lazy "news media" can't take a few extra seconds to search the web and find - oh let's say - THE SMITH MANSION - which is also in Cody Wyoming.


I'd say this place is a bit more unusual than The Old Town Trail.

This blunder of a story reminds me of every story I see about "The First Flying Car." For the record, flying cars have been around since at least 1948. I know because took all of 5 seconds to look it up to correct one of several hundred articles that pop up now and then claiming that someone is still trying to build the first one. You can read about the flying car you see below at this link.


So, whenever you see the next article written about Wyoming, ask yourself: has the author ever been to Wyoming?

Expand that out to every other news article you see on almost any other topic. Most of today's "news reporters" can't be bothered to actually do any investigating. It might take all of 5 seconds of their precious life.

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