1). Stockpiling toilet paper. Lets just get that out of the way right now. Here we have a world wide pandemic and this is what people think to do?

2). The nation discussed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's nipples. Not kidding. He was wearing a tight shirt and it looked like he had nipple piercings. There was a national discussion about it online and on "news" programs. The governor never showed us so we still do not know.

3). Remember Murder Hornets? That was a big discussion, but nothing ever came of them.

4). Return of the killer bees. They came back right after murder hornets but, again, nothing happened after the original headlines.

5). The Bolivian orchestra was trapped in a castle by wolves. I'm sorry did you miss that story? While on tour they made an emergency stop at the castle and were forced to stay due to Covid-19 concerns. So lets throw some wolves out there to make them afraid to go outside.

6). President Trump claimed he had banned TikTok 7 different times but that never actually happened. TikTok is running just fine. Nothing has changed.

7). A boycott of Goya Beans turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to the product. Sales surged. In fact sales surged so much Goya's president name congresswomen Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. employee of the month.

8). The U.S. government releases videos of "UFOs." This brings all new episodes to UFO investigation TV shows that were running out of material. Actually they ran out of material a long time ago. Thank GOD for something new.

9). Scientists found evidence of possible, maybe, microbial life on Mars and in the atmosphere of Venus. But they are not sure. So they announced that they might have maybe found something that they are not sure about.

10). Barack Obama published a 768-page memoir just as the second toilet paper panic began. Thankfully, the book is published in 2 ply. 

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