The City of Chickasha loves their ‘Festival of Light’ display. They like to claim that they are known for it. But now they will be known for the giant, 40ft tall leg lamp from the movie A Christmas Story.

Mr. Tim Elliott came up with the idea while working with the cities economic development council. He might be on to something. A lot of towns do light displays, but not many towns have a 40ft tall "Major Award"? Now the town is getting national attention. I mean, after all, it's a major award.

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Actually, the iconic lamp has a real connection to the town of Chickasha, according to local TV station KFOR. The story has to do with a man named Nolan who saw what was left of a mannequin in his basement and had a funny idea.

“The original leg lamp, that was his idea,” Elliott said. “I just blew it off as a very aged man that thinks he invented the leg lamp.”

When James died his obituary actually mentioned that it was HE who invented the leg lamp. Years later a member of the production team for the movie A Christmas Story remembered seeing the leg lamp and included it in the movie.

Only in America can something like this leg lamp become a part of Christmas. I have one, though it's not full size. But even the leg lights up. I'm not much for putting up trees or lights, but I put that leg lamp in my window every Christmas.

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