Lets face it, the modern world is catching up with Santa's sleigh. Time for old St. Nick to install some upgrades. The video, above, will give you some insights into what's coming.

Reindeer are fast, but today's fighter jets are almost just as fast. Time to retire the team and install an ram jet or maybe a scramjet. 

Lets get rid of that wood and metal sleigh and replace it with carbon fiber. It's much lighter and stronger. Also, heat tiles like the ones NASA and SpaceX use for reentering the atmosphere.

Sure, it's fun watching NORAD track Santa every year. But that means he can be tracked by radar. Time to have a chat with the Air Force about stealth technology. But it's not just the coating of the sleigh, to make this work we'll need to change the shape too.

Lets talk guidance.  Santa is high and low, up and down, all night, at high speeds. On top of that he needs to be able to deliver packages down small chimneys with precision. With no one providing laser guidance and most fire places not burning, so not head signature, Santa will need exact GPS coordinates.

Today's modern homes have lots of fancy motion detecting alarm systems. The big guy will need noise canceling and a suit that provides personal stealth.

About those toys he's delivering, time to give the elves a break and get into 3D printing. 

As for how Santa finds his way in a modern world - lets upgrade his avionics package to look like the airplane cockpit below. HECK YEAH!

Universal Images Group via Getty
Universal Images Group via Getty
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Toys certainly have changed a lot. In many ways they are better than ever before. But, lets face it, those old classics held a special place in our hearts.

Old folks today look at new toys and ask, what the heck is that? What do you do with it? But that's okay because when kids today get to see toys of long ago they ask the same questions.

Lets take a step back and look as some old classics that some of us older folks had.


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