A loose cannon pack of wolves roaming the Rockies was caught on camera recently and authorities were called to come in and handle the situation accordingly. Only one problem, the dangerous pack of wolves just happened to be five Saint Bernards that had escaped from their owner's property.

I'm not sure about you, but my first question upon hearing this was, "How the heck do you mistake a pack of wolves for a pack of Saint Bernards"? Of all dog breeds.

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The Park County Sheriff's Office opened an investigation alongside Colorado Parks and Wildlife when this video depicting a group of four-legged animals running near an elk herd on April 25 was posted.

What do you think, do these look like wolves?

YouTube/ Gloria Adams

To be fair, the video was shot at a distance but the first thing I notice when watching this was the lumbering of the dogs when they were running. Wolves don't "lumber," but I digress.

The investigation was short-lived and was quickly closed once officials got a good look at the video and determined that the "wolves" were actually Saint Bernards, which apparently have a history of being pretty good escape artists from their owner's property.

The sheriff's office told UPI News that the owner of the canines is being "cited by Park County Animal Control for permitting a dog to run at large,"

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