Need a vehicle for the coming apocalypse?

Want to go all MAD MAX?

But perhaps you don't have the time to do the buildout yourself.

Or maybe you don't have the skills.


We have you covered with this ad from Casper Wyoming Classifieds.

I'm sure the old girl needs some work. But that's okay.

Look at what we found in a field near Casper Wyoming.



Yes, when the &%$# hits the fan and the world goes all out CRAZY NUTS you'll be ready.

I might suggest some bulletproof doors.

But the rest of the build has been done.

What a cage on that monster.

Located just 12k, or 7 miles, from Glenrock Wyoming, near Casper, this sucker is waiting for your inspection.

The vehicle under that cage is a Honda CR-V Sport Utility with 4-wheel drive.

You'll need a 4-wheel drive for the apocalypse, trust me.

Total cost, just $2000.

attachment-mad max vehicle 2

But when it comes to the "END TIMES" what's a couple thousand bucks?

If that's the asking price I bet you can get it for $1500.

So now you have to ask yourself how the heck that thing got out in that field.

I'm hoping the story has something to do with a car change and lots of gunfire and explosions.

I'm sure the current owner will let you take if for a test drive.

Your first step toward that MAD MAX life you were hoping for.

If you buy it please come visit us at our Townsquare media offices.

We want pictures.

Travis Blankenbaker With Attomic Annie
Travis Blankenbaker With Attomic Annie

He calls her - ATOMIC ANNIE!

You'll love these next two videos. TRUST ME!

A few years ago I traveled to Glenrock Wyoming to have a look at a post-apocalyptic costume camper truck named ATOMIC ANNIE!

Her creator is a welder by trade who also makes weapons and suits of armor at his home.

A lot has happened since that first video.

Wyoming's Atomic Annie is now fully functional and touring the region, and the nation.

Have a look inside in the video below.

Then read on to learn more about the truck.

The truck is just for show and camping.

But if a zombie apocalypse happens, well, good to be prepared.

There is even a turret on top with a massive crossbow that actually works.

He’s not a doomsday prepper, he does not believe that a zombie apocalypse coming. He does love Mad Max movies.

Still, should the end times come our way in our lifetime, Travis would be a good guy to know.

He was good enough to take us on a tour of his home and show us his creations.

Below is the video of when we first met Travis and his truck, Annie.

You can see what the truck looked like when he found it and the many steps toward its completion.

I guess we can't think of this truck in miles per gallon.

More like gallons per mile.

He's added a lot of weight to it since he first found the truck in his stepmom's field and inquired about owning it.

One thing is for sure, you don't want to get into a traffic accident with this guy. Travis might not even notice that he's hit you.

Atomic Annie often makes scar show around the region. Keep a watchful eye and you can see her in person.

Travis does not mind letting people crawl around inside.

Follow Travis and Annie on the FaceBook page: Atomic Annie The Wasteland War Rig.

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