AI-generated images are proving to be a lot of fun.

Recently an AI was asked to show what Americans look like, based on the European point of view.

This means asking Europeans what their impressions of different parts of America are and then feeding that information into the computer program.

In this case, I think the AI, and Europeans, got Wyoming mostly right.

The cowboy in the image below is close enough to what a real cowboy out here looks like.

They got the landscape mostly correct.

As for the impressions of the rest of America, well, that's both odd and hysterical. It's worth visiting the website Techy Twist to see them all.

Techy Twist AI, Wyoming.
Techy Twist AI, Wyoming.

Wyoming is often associated with its rich cowboy culture, and the state’s reputation is deeply tied to this iconic image. With its wide-open spaces, ranching traditions, and rodeo events, Wyoming conjures images of the Wild West and rugged individualism. Cowboys and cowgirls are celebrated figures, and the state’s residents are sometimes stereotyped as embodying this frontier spirit.

While the cowboy culture is an integral part of Wyoming’s identity, the state also offers stunning natural beauty, including national parks like Yellowstone National Park and the neighboring Grand Teton. So, while the cowboy stereotype persists, Wyoming’s multifaceted personality extends far beyond the range. (Techy Twist).

Below is what happened when an AI program was asked to create the perfect Wyoming woman, based on what data about Wyoming women was fed into it.

This image also got the landscape correct, but there's plenty wrong here!

attachment-AI Woman for Wyoming

The woman you see in this photo is not real.

She is 100% computer-imagined and generated.

The website This Vs That asked a computer program to create a woman and landscape behind her, that would represent each state.

What you see above is what that AI program came up with for Wyoming.

We asked our AI to clear some things up for us, asking it just what it thinks the most beautiful person in each state really looks like, and since it's a computer, you know it's giving an objective answer. Here's what each state looks like, personified, according to AI!

Some of the results were surprisingly subtle, while others were a little on the nose in terms of expectations. With that said, let's take a look at what artificial intelligence came up with... (This Vs That).

The above photo is cropped to fit the cover.

Here is what the entire photo looks like.

attachment-AI woman Wyoming This Vs That

That's very attractive, but I'm thinking a bit too Colorado hippy-looking.

This is a beautiful woman who represents the natural beauty of the state. Her long, dark hair is the perfect frame for her pale complexion and delicate features. She looks like she loves to explore Wyoming’s diverse landscape and take advantage of its outdoor activities. Whether she is skiing down pristine powder, taking in breathtaking views from atop a rugged mountain, or camping under starry skies, she embodies the spirit of Wyoming's wildness. (This Vs That).

How about this photo below of a real Wyoming cowgirl doing what real Wyoming cowgirls do?

She looks this good, not because she went to the gym. She did not spend a lot of time getting her hair and nails done.

Growing up on a ranch made her look this way.

Hailey Kinsel-Barrel Racing
Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

Many of the photos in the This Vs That article look real and are impressive.

But it actually takes a human who has spent time in each state to come up with a photo that really depicts the place they are trying to represent.

A computer program is just looking at data and then putting together the information that it thinks fits that data.

Let's take another look at a real Wyoming woman.

A photo that might actually represent the state.

This was taken at Cheyenne Frontier Days a few years ago.

She wasn't posing for the camera.

She was just waiting for her turn in the show.

I'd say this young lady is genuine Wyoming.


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