A mama elk in Evergreen didn't appreciate it when some people were getting a little too close for comfort to her babies.

According to KDVR and our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, this is the season for both humans and animals to seek refuge from the heat in cool off spots, like a lake.

The warm weather also brings about "calving season", when many elk give birth during the first two weeks of June. That means mamas are roaming with their babies and THAT means...if you see them, or any animal in the wild, give it and her babies plenty of space.

Would it be cool to get an up close shot at cow elk and her babies? yeah. Is it worth getting mauled and crushed over? Nah.

A good rule to keep in mind when spotting wildlife is to put your thumb up: if you can cover the entire animal with your thumb then that's a pretty safe distance.

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