You can hear my full interview with Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell at the bottom of this article.

Rex Rammell has run for office many times before. He hasn't won anything yet, but you have to give the guy credit for trying. He is determined and he just keeps coming back.

This time he's running for governor of the state of Wyoming on the Republican ticket. He ran once before, for the same office, on the Constitution Party ticket.

A Wyoming cowboy born and raised in the mountains near Yellowstone Park who has become the voice for state sovereignty over public lands. A veterinarian, rancher, and sportsman who has devoted his life to defending our constitutional rights. He is the author of the book, 'A Nation Divided: The War for America's Soul.' (Rammel Website)

It's been a few years since I've had a talk with Rex. He was on the Wake Up Wyoming show just a few days ago to tell us why he is running for governor, again.

Rex Rammell has strong ideas about running the federal government out of the state of Wyoming.

He wants all federal land in the state turned over to the state of Wyoming as it was promised.

He then wants all federal employees out of the state or they will be arrested and run out. Not kidding. That's how he plans to deal with them.

He does not care what the Federal government thinks and does not plan to fight them in court over anything. They can just GET OUT or GET ARRESTED!

He believes that if Wyoming is running its own resources then we will have plenty of money to run our own affairs without federal government interference.

In the interview that you can hear below, we talked about these ideas and several other issues that Rex thinks are important to the state of Wyoming as well as the nation.

He hopes that a state take over of states' rights will "go viral" and be repeated by other states across the nation.

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