The problem with living in rural areas like Wyoming is all the darn traffic.

Take a 3-hour drive to the store and you're bound to pass at least one car every half hour or so.

Having to lift your two fingers to wave as they pass by can get exhausting.


attachment-Oddity Mall Product waving fingers 3

Just attached this 2 finger hand waver to the dash of your car and you'll never have to suffer the exhausting effort of raising them every time another car passes.

YES, this is a real product.

Special thanks to cults3d for the pictures. Cults3D is a site full of all sorts of weird, amazing, and FUN things to 3D print.

From the website Oddity Mall:

Those that belong to certain car clubs who own Jeeps or Teslas know that you gotta wave as you pass each other on the road. Even if you don't know the person, as that's just the way of the road. Everyone knows the only proper way to do the wave is with two fingers pointed upwards while grasping onto the steering wheel. Well, someone created a 3D printed statue that you can attach right to your dashboard that will do all that finger waving for you!

attachment-Oddity Mall Product waving fingers 2

The only downside is you need access to a 3D printer to get one.

3D print the fingers then attach the waving hand to your dashboard. Use Velcro or get fancy and make a spring-mounted system so it moves.

The Waving Hand Dashboard is a 3D printer file that you download to a 3D printer that they assume you have access to.

Options are both the right and left hand depending on which hand you usually keep at the top of your steering wheel! That way your neighbors know it's really you, because you're waving with the hand you always wave with.

attachment-Oddity Mall Product waving fingers 1

Sometimes you don't see the wave until it's too late. Now nobody will think you are a JERK for not waving back.

One Reddit user states: "I'll be honest. I don't like waving. But I also feel guilty for not waving. I'm thinking about this mod to solve this problem."

The 2-finger waving hand for your car's dashboard is free to download. You just need the printer and the stuff that it prints with.

I hope these end up for sale at Walmart SOON!

I need one.

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