The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is Russia’s main pipeline for natural gas to Germany. It runs through Ukraine and supplies gas to Russia and Germany. This gives leverage to Ukraine, which is otherwise not a powerful state in the region.

As you may know, Russia and Ukraine have had a dicey relationship, to say the least. This has caused the United State to put sanctions on the Russian pipeline.

America is a Ukrainian ally and a Russian adversary. President Biden is now, forced to choose between what’s good for Germany and what’s good for Ukraine.

The Trump administration opposed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline until the administration’s final days. The Biden administration is making a different call.

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Putin will get his pipeline while Keystone XL and a few others under construction are shut down.

The Russian hackers that shut down the U.S. pipeline were not, as far as we can tell, from the Russian government.

The U.S. was in direct communication with Moscow about the need to take action against ransom networks, Biden said. The FBI has said the ransomware belonged to a criminal syndicate known as DarkSide. (AP NEWS).

Currently, the average price of gasoline is $2.99 per gallon. That is an 8 cent jump from a week ago. Some parts of the country are nearing $4.00 a gallon. This helps lead to inflation and increases the prices of everything.

Even if the Colonial Pipeline gets back to normal operations soon fuel prices will remain high.

Critics are saying that the President is putting "sanctions" on American energy while opening the flood gates for our adversaries to have all they want.

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