Well... we can't say that we are not masking out butts. I mean, you have pants on and, I hope, underpants under that. Yet still, we smell it, and apparently, we can still spread COVID with a fart.

During an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) podcast it was explained that, yes, farts can transmit the coronavirus.

Just how much protection do we need here? We have underpants, I hope, pants, and a mask. So can the bug still make it through all of that?

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The average person farts around 25 times a day. Like earthquakes most of them are so small you do it and you don't even notice.

COVID has been found in poop. Towns like Cody, Wyoming even tested their sewage to see if they could get an idea of what percentage of the town was infected.

But can it get to you from somebody else's TOOT? That's the big question here.

Businessman pointed by colleague.

Yes, it is possible... but it depends. Let's get into the gross details.

How potent was the fart? How much pressure was released? How much of the germ did it carry? It will depend, person to person, and fart to fart.

The bottom line here (pun intended) is that the more layers we have the harder it is for the germ to get out. COVID is a small germ. Most masks people are wearing do some, but not entirely enough to stop it from getting through. The best we can do is put up as many layers as possible and hope for the best.

Close up picture of a young woman holding her butt, she needs to poop, outdoor

If you want to read a really interesting and detailed article on the science behind this smelly topic, try this article from Forbes. 

You are going to fart no matter what. Perhaps, if you want to save humanity, or at least the people in the room with you, then maybe you might want to watch what you eat for the next year or so. The stuff that "TOOTS YOUR HORN" more than usual might help keep the virus in your underpants, assuming you are wearing any.

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