Most of the animals rescued last week from what Casper police described as an "extreme animal hoarding situation" will be available for adoption beginning Thursday.

All 65 animals that were rescued are being cared for at Metro Animal Shelter. The Casper Police Department announced Tuesday that all of the 42 dogs and 14 cats will be available for adoption this week.

They were removed from a home in the 1200 Block of W. 23rd Street on Wednesday after authorities served a search warrant and discovered the animals living in horrendous conditions.

Officers wore full-body suits and masks as they recovered the animals over the course of the day.

Deanne Gray, born in 1948, is charged with 81 counts stemming from the investigation. The charges are all misdemeanors punishable by no more than a fine of $750.

In addition to the dogs and cats, eight exotic birds and a chicken were taken from Gray's home. The birds are in good health, but will be kept together at the shelter for the time being rather than being made available for adoption.

An exotic bird expert is advising Metro staff on caring for the birds.

There is no adoption fee for cats. For dogs, a $50 adoption fee is in place along with a refundable spay and neuter deposit of $100.

Dogs come with a pre-registered microchip, their first set of vaccinations and a city license.

While the hoarding situation has garnered significant community interest, there are other animals at the shelter as well. Metro reminds the public that there is no adoption fee for dogs that have been at the shelter for over 30 days.

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