Casper was awarded a light show courtesy of Mother Nature on Thursday (with an encore presentation on Friday!) and anybody with a cellphone captured as much footage as they could.

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The photos and videos that found their way to the internet were fine (including the video captured by yours truly), but you had to know it'd only be a matter of time before an actual professional released some footage.

And that's exactly what happened when Steve Jackson released a stunning time-lapse video of the storm on his YouTube page.

The video is only about a minute and a half long, but it covers almost two hours' worth of the storm. Plus, being a professional videographer, Jackson added some thematic music to really accentuate the Stranger Things-esque footage.

“You don’t often get to witness a lightning display like this in Casper," Jackson told K2 Radio News. "And being in a perfect location and wanting to see this storm in slow motion, it was hard not to set up the camera and see what I could capture. It did not disappoint!”

Nor did the video itself. The time-lapse footage can be seen below, as can photos from the storm.

To see more of Jackson's work, visit his website. 

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Casper is in the midst of a lightning storm that has to be seen to be believed. 

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