You know the old saying:

If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.

Weather is hard to predict, even for the best meteorologists. There are just too many variables.

That's even more true in places like Wyoming where there are several high mountain chains and low flat plains. That topography makes the weather out here highly unpredictable.

As for those weather apps on your phone, it doesn't matter where the app comes from, or who designed it.

Weather apps are just computer algorithms. There is nobody home.

All your local weatherman or weather app can do is look at the available data and predict what might happen based on what happened the last those weather elements came together in the same way.

How do weather apps work? The video below explains.

Don't ever look at your app and think that what it's showing is a certainty.

Weather forecasts are just predictions and probabilities.

If the app says there's an 80% chance of rain, that means that the forecasters are 80% sure of rain in the forecasted area.

A 30% chance of rain shows that the forecasters are 30% sure of rain in the forecasted area.

Those 10-day forecasts can only show you long-term possibilities and trends.

Five-day forecasts are just a little more accurate than a 10-day forecast, but should still not be trusted.

By the time we arrive at the 2-day forecast, you can raise your confidence in what might happen. But it's always best to remain cautious.

Go ahead and look at that weather app the night before.

By then the forecast is pretty close to what might happen. Notices I'm still saying MIGHT.

Even the weather forecast for the day of should be looked at with a healthy dose of caution!

Why are all weather apps different? The video below explains. 

Remember: weather apps are just tools that show you the possibilities and probabilities.

They can help you plan your day or even your week.

But you should always remain skeptical and ready for surprises.

Weather apps are tools that show you the possibilities.

They are not reality.

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