Over the past couple of weeks, some Wyomingites have received what looks like an absentee ballot in the mail.



It's actually a form to request an absentee ballot. The mailer was sent out by the Cheney campaign.

Nowhere in the mailer is anyone asked to vote for Liz Cheney.

attachment-Cheney mailer

HOWEVER! The Wyoming Secretary of State last week cautioned the Cheney campaign against using “official election” language on campaign literature after her campaign funded a mass mailing of absentee ballot request forms throughout Wyoming. (Cowboy State Daily).

'We did have contact with (the Cheney campaign) last week just to let them know we were receiving calls and to caution them against using ‘official election’ language on the mailers,' said Monique Meese, spokeswoman for Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan, in a Monday email to Cowboy State Daily.

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“'Some recipients thought that (the mailers) came from the Secretary of State or the County Clerk,' Meese added.

There was no trickery involved and nothing illegal has taken place.

But many people were confused by the official look and sound of what they had received in the mail. Some even called their local county clerk to ask about what they had received.

Some weeks back the Cheney campaign sent out a mailer asking Democrats to "crossover vote" during the primary and vote for Liz Cheney. That mailer looked more like an actual campaign mailer than this recent one.

attachment-Cheney Flyer

With just one week remaining before the primary voting deadline, there are a lot of last-ditch attempts by candidates to pull in votes.

This latest attempt by the Cheney campaign makes some think that she is looking a little desperate.



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