It's satirical, it made me laugh. I'll give them that.

The website has been put up by the Harriet Hageman campaign. It looks like a real campaign website as if Liz Cheney is from Virginia and is running for her home state... of Virginia.

Featured on the top of the website is the quote:

"I'm not going to try to convince the crazies and I reject the crazies."
– Liz Cheney
- New York Times, February 9, 2022

White House Aides Leave Senate Talks Without Infrastructure Deal
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In a video on Harriet Hageman's Youtube page, Harriet tries making the point that Cheney is spending more time going after Trump on the January 6th commission than taking care of Wyoming issues. "Let's send her home," says Hageman at the end of the ad. Then the logo for the Cheney For Virginia website pops up.

Attacking her home in Virginia has always been a key point made by those who have never liked Liz Cheney

Alex Trimble, Townsquare Media
Alex Trimble, Townsquare Media

In past interviews when I asked Liz Cheney where she is from she's pointed out her Wyoming home and her Wyoming roots, through her father.

Those who are not fans of Cheney point out that she spends more time at her home in Virginia than in Wyoming and has not spent the bulk of her life in the state she now represents.

House Select Committee On Jan. 6 Votes On Holding Stephen Bannon In Criminal Contempt
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To be fair, as a congresswoman representing Wyoming she has a strong record of standing up for what matters to the people of Wyoming.

As far as her political values, Cheney is about the most conservative member of the U.S. House, and her voting record shows it.

It's when she parted ways with the Trump campaign, then voted for the president's impeachment, and joined the January 6th committee with the Democrats that it seemed to no longer matter to many in Wyoming how conservative she really is.

There are many candidates running against Cheney.


But can you name them? They are out there but only Hageman is making any noise.

Currently, the only candidate aggressively campaigning in the state of Wyoming for the U.S. House is Hageman.

Cheney has run some ads but has barely made an appearance anywhere.

Cheney has never debated her opponents in the past. She didn't need to. She has won by landslides.

Here is a list of those running against Liz Cheney, including two that dropped out after Trump gave Hageman his endorsement.

The Candidates Running Against Liz Cheney

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