If you drive up on Casper Mountain in Wyoming, make a right at the fork, and keep looking to your right, you'll see this old train car in the trees.

It's been there a while.

Many folks drive by it on the way to the Hogadon Basin Ski Area and dream about what sort of weekend getaway they might make out of such a place.

An old train car was hauled up on the mountain many years ago.

Today, its age is showing.

The old car needs some love.

Recently there was talk of the car being sold and maybe even taken off the mountain.

So who was thinking of buying the car?

Turns out that the old girl might have the interest of someone who wants to preserve history.

attachment-Train Car Casper Mountain 3

That is something that everybody wanted to see.

The car is showing a lot of weather abuse, but she's still pretty.

There was nothing said for months.

No one knew what was happening.

Then this note was posted on the Casper Mountain Landowners Association Facebook page. 

attachment-Train Car Casper Mountain 1

319 they call it.

Sounds better if we say OLD 319.

Supposedly this means that, if you wanted to buy the old girl, you still could.

So what went wrong?

Was it the price of the car? The cost and trouble of bringing it off the mountain? The cost of repair?

It could have been all of that put together, or maybe something else that we are not thinking of.

Some landowners up on the mountain are happy to see Old 319 stay.

Everyone is worried about the future of the car.

She won't last much longer if repairs are not made.

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