Senate File 97, “Change in party affiliation,” is making its way through this Wyoming legislative session and might actually pass this time.

The bill would make it so anyone wanting to change party affiliation in Wyoming would have to do so at least 3 months before the primary.

The bill is designed to put a stop to unethical behavior, during the primaries, by some Democrats.

One liberal Democrat group in Wyoming is trying to pass this bill off as a way to limit voting in primary elections.


Here's what is really going on.

AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

The way our election system in America, and Wyoming, is set up is easy to understand.

During the primary elections each political party votes and picks the candidates that they think have the best chance of winning the election.

The winning candidate from each party advances to the general election. That is where the parties battle it out at the voting booth to see who will win.

It's that simple.


But here in Wyoming Democrats are once again whining about those who want to stop them from jumping parties during the primaries.

Wyoming is mostly Republican. Democrats can only win in a few small areas of the state.

In some parts of Wyoming, there might be only Republican candidates on the ballot. Not one Democrat showed up to represent their party.

So Democrats will show up to the polls on a primary day, switch to the Republican party, then switch back right after they vote.

They call this ethical and fair.


But it is NOT. They are meddling in the Republican primary.

If the Democrats in Wyoming want to win a few elected offices they need to start putting up candidates that can actually win.

Don't blame the GOP if not one single DNC candidate showed up to run for office in that district. That's not the GOP's fault.

Just for the fun of it, let's say that not one single Republican showed up to run for any elected office in Teton County. WOW the GOP just BLEW IT! They better get their act together because they have already lost the general election.

There is a perfectly fair and ethical way for the Democrat party in Wyoming to fix this.

Make sure the DNC is represented in every district for every office. That is the responsibility of the DNC.

Start running candidates that can actually win in Wyoming.

Remember Governor Fredendall? He was a 2 term Wyoming Governor, and a DEMOCRAT!

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