Each team throughout every sport needs a stroke of luck every now and then. Based on the Denver Broncos season records since winning Super Bowl L, they have hit a run of bad luck during in five seasons since. So what gives, is it their mascot? Could it be Thunder that's the issue? Or is it the fact that they're just not that good?

Gambling.com recently did a fascinating study that showed what NFL teams mascots are lucky and which ones are not. You may look at that and think that because you see the mascots at home games, that's just a matter of whether teams play at home or on the road, which is a decent argument. However, that didn't always fall in place with a closer look at the study.

According to the study, the Denver Broncos have the 21st luckiest mascot in the NFL. Conversely, that also means that Thunder (or Miles as a secondary mascot) is the 12th most unluckiest mascot in the NFL. The study gives the Broncos an 47.5 percent chance of winning any given home game. Again, you could chalk this up to the general idea of home games vs. away games.

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However, the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished just two spots ahead of Denver in that same study. But how could that be, they just won the Super Bowl, in their home stadium no less. The San Francisco 49ers who were in the Super Bowl just a year ago finished four spots behind the Broncos in this study. Based on this logic, Thunder brings almost as much luck at Captain Fear brings to Tom Brady and the Bucs, while Thunder is substantially less unlucky than Sourdough Sam is in San Francisco.

Maybe some of it is luck. After all, it's a game of inches. Try saying that's not a true thing to John Elway when you watch the replay of his helicopter run in Super Bowl XXXII. But it's St. Patrick's Day and we could all use a little more luck any way you look at it. Whether it's trying to get through a snowstorm, attempting to win a game with no active quarterbacks, or the fact that your team has gone 32-48 in the five seasons since you last won the Super Bowl.

But let's be reasonable, Thunder is a legend in Denver, and is definitely not bad luck. It's all about the team that you put on the field and who knows, with any luck, perhaps that Thunder might bring, maybe next year that team could include...Deshaun Watson?...Maybe?...

Maybe you'll get lucky after all, Denver fans!

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