Signs like this one are seen at the beginning of many hiking trails in Wyoming, and almost every other state.

It seems like a straight forward message.


But some folks wonder when they look at it a bit longer.

Can you see the problem?

Let's examine it together.

Here we have two people hiking into the wilderness together.

Seems innocent enough.

attachment-Creepy hiking sign 1

But at the end of the hike, there is only one person.

Is the one person the only one who made it out?

Exactly what is in the trash bag he's stuffing into the trunk?

Where is the other guy?

Do we need to check that trash bag?

Wyoming is almost the most rural state.

Being the least populated state there is a lot of open land.

So, yeah, murder happens out here.

Children hiking in mountains or forest with sport hiking shoes.
_jure, ThinkStock Images

In many cases, the body is hidden far away from where it will ever be found.

Burring the body is not always possible.

So much Wyoming ground is not easy to dig.


So, that means that the option of packing the body out is the next best option.

Unless you hope a bear or other scavengers will take care of it for you.

BUT LOOK- This sign is actually just asking you to not be a slob and please take your trash out with you.

Find a trash can or dumpster, to it can be disposed of properly.


Please go back and add a second guy to these signs.

We don't want to give people the wrong impression.

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