Welcome to fall.

We officially switched seasons this past Saturday, 09/23/23.

This first week of fall, which is the last week of September, will be so perfectly nice you won't quite know what to do with yourself.

I'd say get outside and enjoy it.

Let's have a look at this week

Imagine daytime temperatures in the 70s, maybe even touching the low 80s for a few areas.

We'll see some light clouds, but not much in the way of cloud over.

Stargazers will love the coming cool clear nights.

Below is this week's forecast from regional meteorologist Don Day 

Nighttime lows will be in the 40s to 50s with clear skies.

That's sleeping with your window open weather.

What's really nice for Wyoming is there won't be a lot of wind!

Honestly, when do we get cool, clear, days with no wind in Wyoming?

Well, here you have it. Get outside while you can.

This is a perfect time to go for a drive and see the changing leaves.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

As we move into the weekend we do have some clouds and a slight increase in the chance of rain.

Nothing big is coming at this point.

If anyone does get any rain it will be light and will be welcome.

It will get the grass wet but won't last long.

There is a big question mark starting Sunday and extending into next week.

There is a system brewing off of Washington state.

But what will become of it is not known yet.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

There are several scenarios.

We will just have to wait and see.

But that's a week away.

So you have time to enjoy the first week of fall.

This weather is so perfect, that it has a few people worried.

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