Let's say you own an automobile dealership in a small western town, someplace out in Wyoming, for example, and you need to advertise.

Not much for local media in Rock Springs Wyoming.

That's okay. Just use the internet.

You can create a car ad on YouTube. That should do it.

But don't do one of those screaming car ads where the dealer slaps the hood of the car yelling "COME ON DOWN!"

Let's get creative here.

attachment-Worse Wyoming Car Comerical

How about a guy trying to make a getaway in a gunfight, but his ride is some old jalopy that gives up on him at the worse possible moment?

Maybe he should get a new car at the local dealership.

That does sound like a fun car ad.

And the more poorly produced it is, and the worse the special effects, the more we just might like it.

About 10 years ago a Rock Springs Wyoming auto dealer did just that.

This internet commercial is so bad, it's GREAT!


It seems obvious that this ad was not shot in Wyoming.

I also wonder if the dealership just STOLE the video online and put their own tag on it for a commercial.

In 10 years time, it only got 418 views, including 1 that was mine when I first found this ad. That's not many hits.

Then we have to figure out how many times the guys who created the ad, and how many times the guys who work at the dealership watched it.

That would mean that not many people really ever saw this ad.

What a shame. Anyone who's willing to go to these lengths to get noticed, needs to get noticed.

I went looking for other dealership ads on YouTube, and they all look like the stupid ones you normally see on TV.

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