We all know who is going to win this.

We all know it's going to be ugly to watch.

But who can look away?

Each year the warnings go out about winter driving.

"Take it easy," we tell everyone. "Don't challenge a snowplow," we tell them.

This first video is a load of high-speed action that should have never happened at high speed because it's winter. These people should have been driving slow.

This next video starts with a few wrecks that are clearing the fault of the snowplow operator. We all know that those are going to happen now and then.

After that, the videos get back into the action with drivers that just can't get through their heads to SLOW DOWN!

One driver in the video, below, can be seen trying to pass the pow on the side of the interstate that had not been plowed yet. He wipes out as he gets in front of the truck and tries to change lanes.

OKAY but what about when the snowplow driver is at fault.

Below is a video compellation of snowplow drivers, and other people trying to clear snow, and failing miserably at it.

A big part of the problem is that a lot of people watch videos like these but then they go out and continue driving in the same idiotic way.

It's always the other guy who's driving like a jerk and never us, or YOU!

Here is hoping that we all learn something and take it easy from now on, choosing to drive smart.

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