That was quite a snowstorm for the eastern and southern parts of Wyoming.

We are not done with it yet.

The storm is moving on, but slowly.

Wednesday morning, 12/14/22 long stretches of interstates are closed.

I-25 between Casper and Cheyenne.

1-80 from Cheyenne to Rock Springs.

Many back highways closed as well.

Here is what we can expect over the next couple of days.


Below, Don Day of Day weather explains the forecast.

More snow will come to the Eastern side of the state.

Some new snow will come with it.

But the big problem will be the wind. Always the wind in Wyoming.

You might have noticed how light and fluffy the snow has been in this storm. That means the snow drifts will be brutal as the wind picks up.

As this snow melts we then have the problem is black ice on the highways.

On-and-off snow showers will keep the situation on the slick side and those cold temperatures that brought this front in will not help.

For some parts of Wyoming, the rest of this week will be cold and slick.

Thomas Cooper
Thomas Cooper

This weekend will mostly be just dang cold.

This is one of those situations where it's a good idea to cancel any long road trips across Wyoming until this mess cleans up and the weather settles down.

You can keep an eye on the roads by using the WYDOT interactive web page, at this link. From here you can also find cameras along the highways so you can look at the road conditions. WYDOT also has an app for your phone.

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