Various members of Governor Gordon's cabinet will be hosting a virtual town hall on Friday, January 7th regarding funding from the American Rescue Plan.

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The town hall will feature four members of Governor Gordon's cabinet reviewing the Governor's recommendations for the use of the first round of the American Rescue Plan funding.

Governor Gordon recently released his recommendations for the funding, which included a variety of projects that he believes the money should go towards.

This includes $100,000,000 going towards federal infrastructure and private sector energy projects.

According to the Governor's website, "This proposal would appropriate $100,000,000 to the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account from the General Fund to match private, state or federal funding for research, demonstration, pilot or commercial deployment projects related to Wyoming energy needs, including, but not limited to, carbon capture utilization and storage including soil carbon, carbon capture on coal/gas fired utility plants, carbon dioxide transportation, industrial carbon capture, coal refinery, and hydrogen production, transportation, storage and/or hub development, wind or solar."

Additionally, the Governor recommended that $5,000,000 goes towards economic development in Wyoming.

"This proposal creates pathways to economic growth, job creation, and prosperity. Some of the outcomes of this project will be a Growth Diagnostics, Comprehensive Economic Diversification Strategy (CEDS), identification and mitigation of economic growth constraints, an investment thesis (investment framework based on research and analysis of its return potential) and growth-oriented policy recommendations," his website stated.

Gordon also recommends spending $2,000,000 on special projects and economic opportunity management, saying that these funds would go towards the "Creation of a special projects team to address the complex challenges that hinder Wyoming’s economy. At the same time this project will also provide structure to better seize opportunities (i.e.: nuclear, CCUS, hydrogen, etc.) and engage business and communities in collaborative problem solving."

For more on the Governor's recommendations, you can visit this website, or attend the virtual town hall.

The meeting will take place on Friday, January 7 at 12:30 P.M., and it will feature 4 members of the Governor's cabinet:

  • Robin Cooley, Director, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.
  • Korin Schmidt, Director, Wyoming Department of Family Services.
  • Stefan Johansson, Interim Director, Wyoming Department of Health.
  • Renny MacKay, Policy Director, Governor Mark Gordon.

For those unable to attend the meeting live, a recording will be made available for viewing afterwards on the Governor's website. 

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