If you could use a sweet, innocent moment to offset the regular serious news of this year, I have that for you here. It's a dog and horse who are obviously best buds just enjoying each other's company.

This short and sweet video inspired me to do some research. Before I share what I found, here's a German Shepherd and his horse pal.

I've seen so many horse and dog moments like this recently, I decided to do some digging (no dog pun intended) and see why it is that horses and dogs get along so well normally. The website Wag! thinks they know:

When it comes down to it, both dogs and horses are companion-driven animals. Both are social - dogs are pack animals and horses are herd animals...Horses aren't driven by a strong prey drive, and dogs, usually, wouldn't count horses as prey, either.

Interesting. This horse/dog relationship dynamic is so common there are entire YouTube channels dedicated to why this chemistry works.

With all the conflict we've seen on so many fronts in 2020, it's nice to have some friendship for a change. We could use more of that among us humans, too.

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