If you don't like Ray Stevens, or don't know who he is, you are just Un-American.

He was the first the write and record hit parody songs that played on all radio stations of any format. The total number of hits he had covers two full albums. Here are just his 10 biggest.

Look closely at that list and you'll see that Ray did have some serious songs among list list of hysterical.

The first Ray Stevens Christmas song is a warning. Santa Clause Is Watching You.

What's more American about Christmas than celebrating with a bunch of Rednecks? Or, making fun of a bunch of Rednecks who are celebrating? Who better to do that then Redneck Christmas with Ray Stevens?

Now, lets hear Ray Stevens tell is the famous Night Before Christmas story, as only he can tell it.

Then there was the time that a cat wrote a letter to Santa Claws.

Everyone loves Ray Stevens sings Porky Pig's Blue Christmas.

Does anyone want Guilt For Christmas? This is Ray's attack against political correctness.

Just who is The King Of Christmas? Ray will explain in this next song:

Lets end this with a serious Christmas song that is still sung in Ray's hokey style. He joins his backup singers for White Christmas.

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Toys certainly have changed a lot. In many ways they are better than ever before. But, lets face it, those old classics held a special place in our hearts.

Old folks today look at new toys and ask, what the heck is that? What do you do with it? But that's okay because when kids today get to see toys of long ago they ask the same questions.

Lets take a step back and look as some old classics that some of us older folks had.

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