The goofy video above show what is is like when someone puts on the dog Curse Collar for the first time.

Each time the dog barks the collar "translates" those barks into curse words.

This is really effective when the dog is barking at someone who just rang the door bell or barking at someone walking by on the street. Now these people know what your dog is really yelling at them and I'm sure it will make them want to cuss back.

Talk about entertainment. Imagine for once actually hopping that someone will come close enough to make your dog bark. Now you're not going to yell at him when he does. You'll want him to.

Imagine an neighborhood full of dogs with cuss collars all barking in the middle of the night.

The collar is a real thing. It was invented by a company known for coming up with quirky products. You can visit their website at this link and order one in time for Christmas.

Buy why just buy one for someone else's dog? Get one for your dog. If you don't have a dog then it's time to adopt so you can get the collar too.

I went searching and did not find a curse collar for cats, or gold fish. But I'm sure one will come along real soon. I mean, come on, who doesn't want a cursing gold fish?

Yes of all the great inventions to come along in our life time I'd say this is right up there with the invention of the cell phone. Don't you just love modern electronics?

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I know you think your pet is cute. I know you love Christmas and want to decorate the &%$# out of EVERYTHING.

But please, can you stop humiliating your puppy? 

Have you ever noticed that some dogs are shaking when their owner holds them up in a Christmas outfit and screeches, "Isn't he CUTE!" That's fear and embarrassment you are seeing. Look into the puppies' eyes. He's pleading for death to come and save him.

These wonderful creatures only live about 12 to 15 years anyway. Why make them die of embarrassment before their time?

Below are a few animals who are begging humans to stop the madness.

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