They almost feel awkward rolling off our lips.

The world changed drastically last year. A lot of the things we loved and enjoyed suddenly felt like things of the past. We lost concerts, movies, date nights at our favorite restaurants and more.

Just recently I was taking care of some chores around the house and I had the TV on in the background. There was a commercial for a movie that is coming out soon. I don't remember the movie, but I remember at the end of the ad it said, "exclusively in theaters."

When is that last time you heard that?

For awhile, theaters were closed completely. Then we started to hear about limited releases. It wasn't too long ago that movies started being released both in theaters and on a some streaming app. But exclusively in theaters? Yeah, that definitely caught my attention.

It also got me thinking about the other phrases that we haven't heard in awhile. I've come up with a few below, but I'd love to hear yours!

Exclusively in Theaters

Friends at the cinema watching a movie
demaerre, ThinkStock Images


Live in Concert

PongsakornJun, ThinkStock Images


Standing Room Only

mathess, ThinkStock Images


Sold Out

NiseriN, ThinkStock Images


Meet & Greets

Jacob Wackerhausen, ThinkStock Images


Want a Bite?

Woman in a restaurant enjoying her desert cake ice cream
HbrH, ThinkStock Images


Can I Have a Sip?

Happy young couple sitting in a cafe outside on a beautiful autumn day.
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Will This Be for Here or To-Go?

Waiter Serving Group Of Female Friends Meeting For Drinks And Food In Restaurant
monkeybusinessimages, ThinkStock Images

Ok, it's your turn now. Share phrases that caught your attention recently. What have you realized you haven't heard in awhile?

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