There are many ways to set up a camp.

Some people just sleep in their vehicles.

Some like to bring a camper or trailer of some sort.

Then there are then tent people.

Tents involve setting up poles and - well - while manufacturers have made setting up tents a lot easier, still, few people actually enjoy doing it.

What if we could just INFALTE our tent?

Heck, for that matter if we can inflate it, why make it look like a tent?

We can make it look like a house if we want.

Let your imagination run wild.

No need to hand pump them up.

Today there are a lot of electric pumps that can operate off of your vehicle or just batteries.

Then it's just a matter of keeping it inflated.

Bring plenty of patches, I assume.

But because these are outdoor structures they are a lot more hardy than just an air mattress.

Simply spread your tent out, plug in the pump, and let it rise.

The hardest part is probably deflating when your weekend is over and repacking the damn thing.

Some people even pump hot air through the pump to keep it warm on cold nights. But that means continually pumping air.

Some of these tents are really big and fancy inside.

But if you're looking for a small and simple, there is that too.

I found a couple that are just bubble shaped.

Not like a traditional tent at all.

They blow up into a  round shape like an igloo.

I suppose you'll want to get an inflatable mattress with this.

Please, no jokes about bringing an inflatable girlfriend.

I honestly don't want to even picture it, though that is funny.

Often these tents are just called "AIR TENTS," like in the video below.

They handle the weather just fine.

They work well in the wind, which is important in Wyoming, and hail is no problem.

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