I'm a lot bigger than this kid, but I've still got to try this.

Not only does this kid figure out how to shoot himself down the road with a leaf blower, he is smart enough to have figured out how to use the blower for stopping and turning, plus a few other impressive tricks.

Once I saw this kid I figured he could not be the only one who has figured this out. Sure enough, I found a list of videos of people trying it on YouTube. Folks get more creative than just using the leaf blower with roller skates. You'll even see what you can do with a leaf blower and an office chair.

Let your imagination run wild: how many other things can you think to propel yourself with?  I'm wondering if I can take a small sail boat out, or a kayak, and fill a sale with air.

Getting back to the kid in this video, he's got some talent. It looks like this is not the first time he's done this and has had a little while to see what new tricks he can come up with.

Where were these toys when I was his age? Heck, I was happy to go to the local roller rink and go in circles for a couple of hours. Here this kid is blasting himself down the street like a rocket man.


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