Casper has always been good about looking after its own, whether on an individual basis or one of local businesses stepping up. Thus is the case with Little Shop of Burgers. The horror-themed burger eatery is handling out free sack lunches to those in need everyday that they are open (which is 6 days a week).

We had a chance to talk with owner, Sarah Weikum about the program:

What we are trying to accomplish is feeding families in need. We have had a lot of donations and have lots of food to give away to people struggling during these hard times. It’s not only for children, we want to help anyone who needs it. They can stop by anytime between noon and 7:00 pm everyday but Sunday. If at all possible, check our Facebook posts because when we have little business, we will be closing early.

Right now, the sack lunches include a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as well as healthy snacks. For those that have a peanut allergy, they can also substitute for a ham and cheese sandwich.

A huge thank you to all the good folks at Little Shop of Burgers for everything they're doing to help the community and also to all the residents that donated food for the sack lunches.

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