The story in USA Today begins: A Wyoming construction company has created a stir with its new promotion that offers customers a free AR-15 with every new roof installation

USA Today is not critical of gun ownership. But it does show that some people across the nation will have trouble understanding how and why a Wyoming construction company would offer a free AR-15 with the purchase of a new roof.

Guns are a typical given away at charitable events and by businesses in the state of Wyoming. There was a time that banks would offer a free toaster if someone opened an account with them. Today, in Wyoming, it would not be surprising if a bank offered a free gun.

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"I don't think there's anything more American or patriotic you can do for a roof giveaway than a free gun," Thomas told USA TODAY.

The fact that the gun in the roofing promotion is an AR-15 might be shocking to some in the nation who mistakenly believe that that model is an "assault weapon" or that it is used in most killings, or even most mass killings. There are calls to ban this gun, outright, because of that misinformation. You can see a list of what guns are most commonly used by mass shooters at this link. Pistols are used far more than guns like the AR-15.

The owner of the roofing company said he doesn't think he needs to defend the Second Amendment, but referred to how, "you don't see stories of mass shootings in Wyoming," despite having the highest number of registered guns per capita in the country, according to CBS News.

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