Not everyone likes walking around with a gun visible on their hip.

There are many reasons why someone might choose open-carry or concealed carry. Which is best is a debate as old as the pistol itself.

Many who concealed carry enjoy not panicking anyone who doesn't like guns. Concealing avoids awkward social situations.

For those in Wyoming who like to carry concealed, you'll probably wonder about the best way to keep your weapon out of sight while being able to get at it quickly should you need to.

In this case, size matters. But the citizen carrying this gun needs to remember that smaller means less accurate. These guns are only good for close-range self-defense.

What firearms are best for carrying concealed?

One of the most famous small pistols out there is the Smith & Weston 38 Special.

attachment-Smith & Weston 38 special

Also known as The Body Guard by Smith & Weston it's a simple 5 shot, snub nose pistol. The lack of a traditional hammer on the back keeps it from getting caught on clothing when pulling it.

There are also versions of this gun with a longer barrel and hammer if that's what you want, but those options take away this tiny size.

The advantage of a revolver is that there is always a round ready to go. But the trigger is a bit harder to pull.

If semi-auto is what you want then Smith & Weston makes the 380 Bodyguard. 

attachment-Smith & Weston 380

It may use small bullets, but this compact little gun still carries 6 rounds.

It's flatter than the revolver so it conceals much better.

If you prefer the 9mm round there are a few good ones out there, like the Rugar SR9, picture below.

Depending on the magazine this little guy can hold between 6 and 17 rounds, plus one extra in the chamber if you like.

These little guys are inexpensive but also good quality.

The SR9 Brushed Stainless packs all of the features required by today’s most demanding shooters, including a modern blocker, trigger safety, magazine disconnect, plus a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator.

attachment-Rugar sr9

A more inexpensive but good-quality pistol is the KAHR 9mm.

The Kahr CM9 Polymer 9mm Pistol packs a 6+1-round capacity with a rifled barrel and matte, stainless-steel slide.

The grip is made out of textured polymer.

It's light and thin.

The only downside may be that it does not have a safety and it can be a little hard to pull it back to cock, compared to other guns in its class.

But it is reliable and simple to keep clean and operational.

attachment-KAHR 9mm 2

Where can you carry concealed?

As of July 1, 2021, permitless concealed carry is legal for any legal resident of the U.S. who is 21 years or older, and who may lawfully possess a firearm.

As long as you have shown yourself to be a trustworthy citizen, meaning no criminal record, Wyoming citizens can carry what they want, when they want, where they want. (Rules may be different on private property).

There are many more good-quality pistols out there.

But now we have to ask the question:

What is the best way to conceal carry?

Opinions will vary and the answer will also depend on your day-to-day activities.

Men and women have vastly different options for how to conceal their firearms. Here are some great tips for men:

A lady's concealed carry options are not always the same.

Women's clothing is often different and ladies often carry more items with them, like a purse.

But as in most cases, this means women have more options than men, as the video below will show.

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