Are we done with snow?


Said regional weatherman Don Day.

For Wyoming and the region, enjoy some warmer weather this week, starting 04/22/24, and expect some showers and maybe a thunderstorm now and then.

As we get closer to the weekend expect cooler temperatures again and wetter.

But we all know Wyoming.

We are really not done with snow until maybe the middle or end of next month.

That's what Don Day of Day weather is reminding us of.

Below is Don Day's forecast for the next week and a little beyond.

You'll have to start thinking about mowing that lawn.

But you might want to put off starting those sprinklers up again.

Not just yet anyway.

All of this wet is good news.

What we want to see is exactly what is showing up on the weather chart. Says Don.

There will be a lot of moisture entering into our area over the next couple of months.

All we need is a blast of cold from the north and, there you have a snow event.

That does not mean that meteorologists see something coming right now.

But this is the time of year when we get surprised by that late-season snow event, so, stay tuned into your local radio station, and keep watching this website for updates.

He is not cold in the snow

Your weather app is helpful, but not a perfect guide as to what is definitely going to happen.

The good news is that we are getting a lot of wet weather this spring, along with snow in the high country that we desperately need.

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