When you have made an unpopular move a good strategy for winning is- Don’t keep your head down afterward or beg for forgiveness; if you did the right thing, there’s nothing to apologize for — and anyone in a position to grant you absolution would, by definition, be on the side of wrong. (Hot Air Blog). This is what Wyoming's congresswoman Liz Cheney is doing.

After voting YES to impeach President Trump, the Republican congresswoman who represents a very Republican state just survived being removed from her powerful position with the GOP in the House Of Representatives.

The GOP leadership held a closed door meeting where the issue was discussed. GOP leader Tom McCarthy commented on Liz - members need to trust their leadership and can’t question every single decision they make. “I want this leadership team to stay together,” he told members, according to a source inside the room.

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Cheney delivered an eight-minute speech offering what was described as a calm yet firm defense of the Constitution. She did not apologize during her remarks.

Cheney also confidently called for a vote to be called on her leadership status.

She then took questions and comments:

Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania bluntly said she “aided and comforted the enemy.”

Rep. Darryl Issa of California asked Cheney, if they kept her in leadership, whether she would do it again.

Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana engaged in a fiery exchange with her, a person in the room said, speaking loudly and angrily at Cheney.

Cheney took the questions, defended her position, and never apologized.

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