Wyoming's state campgrounds will be open to residents beginning May 15, but not without new rules and regulations.

Director of State Parks and Cultural Resources Darin Westby said Thursday in order to camp in Wyoming, residents must reserve their camping spots in advance.

Further, not all campsites will be available due to concerns over safely spacing. Campsites that are not safely distanced will be taken off the campground's inventory and be used for buffer sites.

From a staffing perspective, Westby said reservations will also keep staff from having to handle cash.

"From the convenience standpoint, like a hotel room, when you leave your house loaded up with your trailer to go camping at one of our parks, you know that you have a campsite when you get to the park," Westby said. "The convenience of fo the reservation should be a bonus."

There will also be signs at vacant campsites visitors can call to secure a spot.

Campsites will only be made available for single-use. No group sites or shelters will be allowed. Gatherings of 10 people will still be prohibited.

Officials are also working on a process to pay for day-use areas online instead of the traditional cash canister.

The state's yurts will also be available, but also only Friday through Sunday to give staff a chance to thoroughly clean them.

"We implore all residents to recreate responsibly," Westby said.

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