The photos of the truck, below, are FASCINATING!

On the morning of July 4th, the Alcova Marina was engulfed in flames.

Today, what is left of the structure is being sifted through by AFT investigators.

For those visiting the marina boat slips, that's still open.

From there you can look up and see the tedious work of cleaning up and the investigation all going on simultaneously.

In the parking lot, below, there is a pickup truck with some yellow police tape on it.

The truck was parked overnight near the structure that caught fire.

One side of the truck looks perfectly fine.

The other side, however.

Photo By Time Madese
Photo By Time Madese

That poor truck was just melted by the heat.

Paint, tires, and anything plastic sit, sagging like wax that dripped down the side of a candle.

I'm sure the insurance company is going to love looking at photos of this mess.

The only thing I could not see was the inside of the vehicle.

I wonder how the dash and the seats look.

Let's take a look at another angle where you can see the side view mirror.

That's completely melted and drooping.

Photo by Tim Mandese
Photo by Tim Mandese

The plastic covers for the tail and headlights are the same.

Looks like the trim around the wheel well was also plastic.

At this point, those out there with a sense of humor are saying, "That will buff out."

Well, actually, on the surface it looks like everything here can be fixed.

On the surface.

The insurance company will probably total it.

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